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My Business Case Hub
Business Cases made better
Meet My Business Case Hub™ that gives you the tools, templates, and support you need to develop better business cases.
Membership gives you 12 months of access to My Business Case Hub — a platform with bite-sized, business-focused videos to help you meet your professional learning goals on the go.
Business cases that aren't immediately finance ready can be a real blow to your business.
It's a big investment in developing the business case. So you want to make sure it's not wasted.
Finance ready business cases help you ensure that your business cases are ready for the approval of bankers and investors and that your business can grow.
Every course comes with
My Business Case Hub Membership
Invest in your growth. With membership, you get on-demand access to industry expertise, 1:1 professional coaching, and best practices. 
Online 2-hour live sessions designed to give you new skills, tools, templates and strategies to help you build business cases that are investment.
  • Business case foundations
  • Financial analysis
  • Presenting persuasive business cases

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Expert Coaching
Our online personal coaching sessions give you the personalized guidance you need to achieve your professional goals.

Get professional, confidential, and impartial service without waiting for weeks for a response.

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Business Cases
We help professionals build their business cases, offering tools, templates, frameworks and consulting services.

Our programs, workshops and courses will help you ensure that your business cases are  ready to deliver value to stakeholders and that your business can grow.

Grab the latest updates to the 6 Essential Templates.

Finance Ready business cases make your life easier.
• We can help you develop robust finance ready business cases.
• Learn the tools and frameworks.
• Reduce your time and cost in preparing business cases.
• And motivate you to achieve your professional goals.

Build your business case quickly and efficiently.

This program will have you building robust finance-ready business cases in no time.

With three online workshops plus the online business cases platform, you'll learn to:

  • Write and develop your business case.
  • Make better proposals, and be ready to present them to your board or investors.
  • Gain expertise and confidence in presenting the business case.
  • And much more.

Then you'll be ready to jump straight into developing your business case.

We have been helping professionals learn how to write and develop business cases since 2002. We have helped hundreds of professionals from 35 countries build business cases using our programs, workshops, online courses and resources.

A customized business case program
You've been working hard on your investment opportunity, but you don't know where to start.

Learn how to develop the investment case strategy, monetize the benefits, and become funding ready.

Discover our online program and learn everything you need to build, write and present your business case.

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We've helped professionals in some of the world's biggest companies develop successful Business Cases — and we've seen them win big because of it.

"Our business case programs are based on Chase Consulting's 20 years of experience in developing successful investment business cases."

Craig Peacock (PhD)
Director, Chase Consulting